Preserving and Promoting Urban Dance.

With Meaning and with Feeling.

Higher Learning Re-Cap with iLL Kozby!

On Saturday July 28th, Soul Committed welcomed ILL Kozby for the first installation of Higher Learning!  Dancers came out to learn a bit of history, and how to improve their dancing in Locking, Hip Hop and House!  From beginners to more seasoned dancers everyone was able to walk away learning and experiencing something they’ve never felt before!  A huge thank you to Moncell for gracing Toronto!  Hopefully he’ll be back soon!




“The workshop on Saturday was amazing, I learned a lot as a beginner and I’m glad I went :)” – Bonnie


“This workshop was the best workshop that I’ve been to thus far.  The amount of history, awareness to musicality, and knowledge that was given made it a simple and fascinating learning experience.  It was really mind opening, and a brain teaser.  Hope there will be much more of this kind of teaching!” ❤ M.

The last ones standing after a sweaty day afternoon of dancing!

Thank you to everyone for coming out!  Stay tuned for the next edition of Higher Learning!




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